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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a host offer agency listings in multiple counties?
Yes. An agency is prompted to select the number of counties their specific location provides services. For example, an agency in Illinois may be located in Winnebago County, but provides services in both Stephenson and Ogle County. This enables the agency to be listed in multiple counties.

Is special computer hardware or software needed to use ENCompass?
No. ENCompass is a hosted application through Interclay, LLC. This enables a host and their community agencies to simply use a web-based browser for access. All hardware, system modules and data are maintained by ENCompass for technical support reasons.

Is an ENCompass host restricted access to a single computer?
No. Since ENCompass is a web-based system, a host or hostís agencies can access ENCompass through any computer with internet access. Each host and their respected community agencies are provided username and passwords for access.

Is ENCompass Central a free service?
No. ENCompass Central is a paid service provided by Interclay, LLC. Community hosts purchase a user license to use the system through monthly fees and administrate over human service programs in their community. Once activated the service can be accessed by the hostís community.